The Bitlocus Loyalty Program — Explained

Last Updated: May 19, 2022

The Bitlocus Loyalty Program — Explained

Bitlocus is introducing the Bitlocus Loyalty Program. Get better DeFi yields by holding a certain amount of BTL tokens in your account!

The account tier system is planned to launch in the upcoming months. But you can already start preparing by acquiring BTL tokens.

What is the Bitlocus Loyalty Program and How Does it Work?

The Bitlocus Loyalty Program is a system that rewards the users with extended benefits depending on the amount of BTL tokens they hold in the portfolio. The size of the benefits varies according to the account level which is determined by the ratio of BLT tokens and the value of all the assets in your portfolio. For example:

If you have 10,000 EUR in your portfolio as an investment, you have to additionally have at least 5% of that sum of money in BTL tokens — 500 EUR to reach the Silver level for your account and get up to 14% of annual interest rates.

How Many Levels Are There on The Bitlocus Loyalty Program?

There are four levels your account can have — base, silver, golden, and platinum. Here’s what every level requires and what benefits they bring.

Base Level

The Base Account Level is the default setting for your account. You don’t need to have any BTL tokens in your portfolio. With this type of account, you can earn interest rates starting at 12% on the Bitlocus Investing Platform.

Silver Level

Once your portfolio contains at least 5% of your investment value in BTL tokens, you reach the Silver Account Level. The Silver Level requires having 5 to 10% of Bitlocus Tokens and brings the interest rates of up to 14%.

Golden Level

If you want to upgrade your account to the Golden Level and earn up to 15% annual interest, you would need to have BTL tokens make up 10 to 15% of your investment value.

Platinum Level

The Platinum Level is the highest account level you can achieve. If you have at least 15% of your investment value as BTL tokens, you can earn up to 16% of yearly interest on the Bitlocus Investing Platform.

The Bitlocus Loyalty Platform and The Bitlocus Investing Platform are both there to help you earn high DeFi yields easily — no crypto wallets, no exchanges, no technical hassle. Get started today —

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