Crypto payments gateway

Crypto payments settled in fiat

Bitlocus is a fintech company founded in 2018. Our Crypto Payment gateway offers businesses of any sizes to accept payments in cryptocurrencies that are settled in Fiat automatically.

Merchant pros:

  • Alternative payment option for better CR & reduced cart abandonment
  • No crypto assets in Merchant’s books at any point - EUR settlements only.
  • No crypto price risk.
  • Flexible EUR settlement options: instant or scheduled
  • No processing fees on merchant side.
  • Fully automatic payments processing

Customer pros:

  • No crypto volatility risk - price rate is fixed long enough to make a payment.
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies to choose from - BTC, ETH and other.
  • Fast payment method

Additional services available:

  • Token development service (Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain or cross-chain)
  • Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)
  • Marketing & PR services via our trusted partners
  • White-label exchange
  • Custom back-end solutions for crypto projects
  • BTC Mass Payouts

How does it work?

Price request

Let’s say Bob, the merchant, owns an e-shop that sells RC planes online. He wants his clients to be able to purchase his goods in any currency including popular cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH. Bob knows this will increase his conversion rate, decrease cart abandon rates and will keep his clients happy. So, Bob has implemented Bitlocus Crypto Payment Gateway and gives his clients an opportunity to pay in crypto. He gets the latest price in crypto quotes via API.

Price request
Price request
Payment details

Alice is Bob’s client and wants to buy a 100 EUR RC plane, but she prefers to pay in BTC that is quoted 0.0034 BTC (@29026 BTC/EUR rate). Bob’s e-shop gets this price rate via Bitlocus API and shows Alice all the basic info: BTC amount, BTC deposit address and the time out period.

Payment details
Payment details
Payment processing

Alice makes a payment in time, Bitlocus Crypto Payment Gateway processes the transaction and informs Bob’s e-shop via callback, that Alice’s order is paid and is good to go with shipment and also deposits 100 EUR to Bob’s merchant account on Bitlocus

Payment processing
Payment processing