Bitlocus Token and Account Levels — What Is the Connection Between the Two?


Last Updated: November 7, 2022

Bitlocus Token and Account Levels — What Is the Connection Between the Two?

The native token of the Bitlocus ecosystem — the BTL token is a core part of Bitlocus. It is also closely connected to the Bitlocus Loyalty Program offering different benefits for different account levels.

If you don’t have any clue how these two could be intertwined, dive deeper into this article.

The Bitlocus Token

The official token of the Bitlocus ecosystem is the BTL token. It’s the native utility token of the Bitlocus exchange, which fuels the whole Bitlocus ecosystem.

The main utility purposes for the token include:

  • DeFi — Using the Bitlocus DeFi tool BTL holders can expect significantly larger interest rates.
  • Access — Some certain features and services are only available for BTL holders.
  • Rewards — BTL token holders can earn extra rewards on and off the platform by participating in staking events.

These are only the current BTL token use-cases. In the future, we plan to open up a lot more avenues for Bitlocus Token holders to utilize their tokens.

Account Levels

The Bitlocus Loyalty Program is a system of rewarding Bitlocus platform users with extended benefits based on their account level.

The size of the benefits depends on which level of account you are included in — Base, Silver, Golden, and Platinum.

BTL Tokens and Account Levels

The amount of BTL tokens you hold determines your account level. Thus, it determines the amount of maximum interest rate you can earn. The more BTL tokens you hold, the higher your account level and the more benefits you get.

How to Raise Your Account Level?

There are 4 account levels in the Bitlocus Loyalty Program — Base, Silver, Golden, and Platinum. Every account level requires a different amount of BTL tokens to be held or staked on your account.

The Base Level (Default Level) requires no BTL tokens and gives minimal interest rates.

The Silver Level requires having at least 5% of your portfolio in BTL tokens and allows earning better interest.

To reach the Golden Level, you’d need at least 10% of BTL tokens to earn significantly bigger annual interest.

The highest — Platinum Level, requires holding at least 15% of your investments in BTL tokens to earn max interest on your investments.

Bitlocus Token Staking

Another way you could utilize the BTL tokens that you’ve acquired for your account level — is BTL token staking. BTL staking is a great way to earn extra BTL rewards by barely lifting a finger.

We organize various staking events, that run anywhere from 30 to 90 days — distributing as much as 300,000 $BTL tokens in rewards. You can earn up to 27% interest rate on your staked Bitlocus tokens, easily increasing your total token amount and upgrading your account level.