Bitlocus Monthly Recap: October

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Last Updated: November 7, 2022

Bitlocus Monthly Recap: October

Bitlocus team is excited to share its progress since the last update. We will briefly touch on new plans and key developments linked to the growth of our company.

New product launch: fixed-term farming

We are happy to announce that we have reached another milestone and farming has been launched on our platform! Users can start farming BTL-USDC Pancakeswap LP tokens and receive rewards by locking them for a particular period of time.

New partnership: Bitlocus x Hollywoodie

We are excited to share that Bitocus partnered with Hollywoodie, a movie industry platform! Bitlocus will be the first centralized exchange to buy HLW tokens & the only exchange with FIAT access to buy HLW tokens!

Legal updates

We have made a couple of legal updates regarding the yield-farming launch & fixed-term staking services. We updated our Risk Warning Document and T&C (came into force on the 26th of October). Please read these documents carefully and take it into account before interacting with Bitlocus products.

Community activities

Earlier this month, Bitlocus community members had an opportunity to guess what price $BTC will reach on the 12th of October, 7 AM GMT. We established a 500 USDT prize pool for the winner! The price of BTC on the 12th of October, 7 AM GMT was 19195.92 EUR. The closest answer: 19704.99 EUR.  

What's next?

Bitlocus team is not planning to slow down & the community of Bitlocus can expect more updates and new products that will be launched soon! November, we are coming strong!