Bitlocus x Tokens Games: Gamified Staking Experience


Last Updated: December 2, 2022

Bitlocus x Tokens Games: Gamified Staking Experience

We are more than happy to announce that Bitlocus partnered with Tokens Games to bring the best from DeFi and Gamify worlds by allowing users to receive exclusive rewards for participation in the games. Still do not understand what we are talking about? Let’s learn how Token Games work.

To join the game, you have to stake your BTL tokens on Remember: bigger amounts of tokens and extended staking periods will provide greater returns.

After the first step is done, the goal is to reach a milestone. Work together with community members to reach goals and earn USDT from Token Games reward pool. For example, the main goal is 50 tokens and we have 5 participants. It means that together they have to stake the total amount of 50 tokens to complete the milestone.

Now, the exciting part! Collect keys and unlock the chests with the silver and gold keys that you will get by staking your BTL Tokens. Trust us - the chests are full of great treasures like BTL Tokens, USDT, and more!

However, if it still seems like a lot of hassle, read the steps below to join the exciting Token Games!

1️⃣ Connect your wallet.
2️⃣ Wait until “Step 1: Approve” is accessible.
3️⃣ Click “Step 1: Approve” and confirm via Metamask transaction.
4️⃣ Wait until “Step 2: Stake” is accessible.
5️⃣ Click “Step 2: Stake” and wait until your transaction is confirmed.

Only 30 days to stake BTL and share a prize pool of 6000 USDT. Don’t wait and jump on the train now while it is not too late!

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