Bitlocus Q1 Review: What’s Ahead

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Last Updated: April 12, 2024

Bitlocus Q1 Review: What’s Ahead

Bitlocus Q1 Review: What’s Ahead

With the first quarter of 2024 behind us, Bitlocus has not only hit significant milestones but also laid down the tracks for an exciting journey ahead. Here’s a snapshot of our progress and a teaser of what's coming.

Clear Roadmap

We came into 2024 with a clear plan to focus on what matters to us most: reaching more people and building a strong community around BTL. To provide the best 360-degree services to our clients, we plan to secure more compliance certifications and become leaders in crypto regulatory compliance. As for our community, we have many exciting upcoming milestones, including trading competitions, airdrops, and much more.

Market Making

Our market-making initiatives have leveled up the Bitlocus ecosystem. The result?

  • A highly-active marketplace
  • Enhanced trading options
  • Increased liquidity

We're now offering a better user experience.

Growth and Marketing

Bitlocus has been busy shaping its growth and marketing plans for 2024. We’ve teamed up with LKI Consulting, an award-winning Web3 marketing agency that specializes in social media and growth hacking. Together we're ready to ramp up our presence in the market and turn Bitlocus into a household name in crypto.

Community-led Decision-making

Our community's feedback from the recent poll has been crucial in our decision to get listed on a top-tier CEX. The goal here is to improve both the accessibility and visibility of BTL. This move will expand BTL's reach and strengthen its presence in the cryptosphere.

CaaS Expansion

We've got some exciting deals on the horizon that will beef up what we offer. We’re also working on introducing brand-new DeFi tools to elevate user experience to the next level. Stay tuned for more! Our ecosystem is growing and people are putting their trust in Bitlocus. Current partners are broadening and improving integrations with the Bitlocus platform, and we've shaken hands on some promising deals with leading crypto projects.

Partnership Announcement

We are delighted to share our partnership with Dexsport, a top-tier Web3 gaming platform. Dexsport lets you bet on a wide range of events, including sports, cyber sports, virtual sports, finance markets, cryptocurrency prices, and NFTs. You can also invest in liquidity pools for passive income. The great news for the Bitlocus community? Your BTL tokens can now be used across Dexsport's betting and gaming services!

Upgrades and Campaigns

We’ve upgraded our platform ahead of our upcoming high-yield staking campaign. These improvements ensure you get a smoother, more rewarding staking experience.

BTL Price Resilience

Through the volatility of this wild market, $BTL has been unshakeable. That's down to the growing confidence in Bitlocus and our ever-strengthening ecosystem. We're in this together, folks, and we're on the path to building something huge. Onwards and upwards!

Collaborative Growth

Our ongoing collaborations with current clients and partners are taking our reach to the next level. These relationships are key to our growth, making us more visible and solidifying our place in this competitive market.

As we progress through 2024, your continued support is so important to us. Thank you for helping us build a community that's at the heart of everything we do.

Stay tuned for more updates, and let's make 2024 an unforgettable year.