Bitlocus Q3 Achievements: Base For Continued Success

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Last Updated: November 7, 2022

Bitlocus Q3 Achievements: Base For Continued Success

It has been busy three months for Bitlocus! We have been working hard to deliver some updates & new products, and we are thrilled to share our achievements with you. Here are the key highlights of what we have done in Q3.

USDC Lending Pool

At the beginning of Q3, we extended our lending options and added a new pool. Users are able to put their USDC assets to work and earn annual rewards. Profits are distributed 100% in USDC tokens. Start lending USDC now!

MRHB Token Listing

We introduced a new listing on the Bitlocus Exchange: MRHB token. Bitlocus created an opportunity for more people to participate in the MHRB ecosystem, which aims to connect all users from different faiths, cultures, and belief systems on a single platform.

CAKE Lending Pool

Shortly after launching the USDC pool, Bitlocus added a new lending option: CAKE. So far, the APY’s of CAKE are most promising, with up to 10% interest (2022/09/29 data). Start lending CAKE now!

Bitlocus AMA Session

At the end of August, we held our AMA session on the Bitlocus official Telegram channel. 

Our CBDO Arturas Bobinas & CTO Tadas Varanauskas answered a range of questions, from how the bear market affects Bitlocus to what achievement they are most proud of. Also, core team members were able to give some insights into Bitlocus roadmap and what our team is working on.

Key highlights of weekly market discussion made public

Every week, Bitlocus team gathers together to discuss the latest crypto trends. We talk about what is going on in the crypto market and any other news that might be relevant. 

In the third quarter, we decided to share that information with our community members. Our marketing team collects and publishes content that is, in our opinion, most relevant for Bitlocus supporters.

New BTL token utility for B2B clients

We have made some updates to our native token utility. Now, B2B clients that hold a particular amount of BTL are eligible to get better rates on our products and services. 

We are excited to see how this new update will help us grow and improve our business-to-business services.

Partnership with S-PRO to deliver white-label exchange solution for B2B clients

The solution is based on our Merchant API product and professional UI/UX expertise that is brought by S-PRO, a global software development company and technology partner to startups and scale-ups in the FinTech, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, transportation, hospitality, and retail industries. Take a closer look at what Bitlocus & S-PRO have to offer.

Bitlocus launched a new product: fixed-term yield farming

We are thrilled to announce that Bitlocus is extending its services list. Fixed-term yield farming is available on our DeFi marketplace! Users are able to put their USDC assets to work and earn decent APY. More farming options will be available shortly, so stay tuned!

What will the future bring to us?

After Q3 accomplishments, Bitlocus team is hungry for more. We are prepared to deliver more services for B2C & B2B clients. New competitions, NFT-related services, and additional DeFi products will be introduced in Q4. More information will be announced shortly!