Bitlocus Recap January 2023


Last Updated: January 30, 2023

Bitlocus Recap January 2023

The first month of 2023 flew by in a blink for our team which is working non-stop to deliver additional features to the Bitlocus platform. We’ll briefly highlight key achievements and plans.

Roadmap 2023 approved

In Q1 Bitlocus team will focus on tweaking fixed-term farming and staking products. Our users will receive the rewards daily, not at the end of the locking period. In Q2 we plan to introduce DeFi packages, a brand new product on Bitlocus platform. Various investment options from staking, lending and farming will be combined for our users’ convenience. We will further optimize these in Q3. Our users will be able to mix and match various options from our DeFi marketplace to build and diversify their own investment portfolio. And finally in Q4 we will introduce a brand new fiat-friendly NFT marketplace. We can’t wait to share the results!

New launches

During January we integrated 2 new farming pools from Beefy.Finance to our platform, this way even more expanding our DeFi services. Farming of USDT/BUSD and USDC/BUSD LP tokens from PancakeSwap asset pools are now available to our fiat-first or even fiat-only investors.

Business development

For some businesses the beginning of the year is a slow business season. At Bitlocus, it’s the other way around. A handful of retail users started using our platform and exchange, also we have started the onboarding process of several business clients which we announce as soon as we can.

What’s next?

One more farming pool will be launched very, very soon. Also the fixed-term farming improvements are on the way. Stay tuned.