Bitlocus Recap November 2022

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Last Updated: December 1, 2022

Bitlocus Recap November 2022

It’s been a year since the IDO of Bitlocus! On behalf of the team, we want to use this occasion to thank our long-term supporters and believers. During the year of platform development, many items from our roadmap were implemented, with some features still on the to-do list. This time, we’ll briefly cover what we delivered in November.

Market developments

It was quite a month for the crypto community. The collapse of FTX was a strong blow to the credibility of the whole industry. In the light of such events, we would like to once again state that Bitlocus is in no way exposed to the insolvency of FTX. Our clients’ crypto assets are always safe, insured via Fireblocks, maintained at 1:1 ratio, and never engaged on any third party products without clients’ request.

Everyone who is looking for a safe, secure and reliable exchange to trade look no further and explore Bitlocus.

New lending pool

The selection of lending pools available on our platform was complemented with a new Venus asset. The USDT lending pool is now open, and you can start lending here. Besides USDT, you can lend CAKE, USDC, and DAI.

New farming pool

Beefy.Finance farming pool was launched successfully on our platform. This DeFi product is based on providing liquidity to CAKE USDC/USDT pool. Both EUR and USDC/USDT LP tokens are suitable to start farming. Check yield farming offers here.


Our marketing team made a lot of invisible but crucially important strategic decisions regarding our presence on social media channels, copy and visuals. In addition, our new community lead initiated interactive knowledge sharing sessions, fun & games activities and is looking for other ways to keep our community engaged.

What's next?

For the Bitlocus team, it’s going to be hot in December. Our developers are working on ETH staking and NFT minting self-service, which will be delivered still this year. Stay tuned for more details.