$BTL Token — Bitlocus Multichain Token Overview

Bitlocus Token

Last Updated: January 30, 2023

$BTL Token — Bitlocus Multichain Token Overview

Bitlocus ecosystem wouldn’t be operating without its native cryptocurrency — the $BTL token. The Bitlocus token is a multichain currency, available on the most widely used blockchain standards.

Let’s review the cross-chain utility of the $BTL token.

$BTL Token

The official utility token of the Bitlocus ecosystem is the $BTL token. $BTL token is the native currency for Bitlocus exchange adding value for $BTL token holders and users with strong utility across many services offered by Bitlocus.

$BTL is a multi-utility token, meaning it serves multiple purposes, including payments for services and fees, providing access to exclusive services, and providing incentives and discounts for BTL holders.

Currently, with $BTL tokens you can get better DeFi interest rates and earn up to 30% better interest rates by holding Bitlocus Tokens. You can also stake $BTL tokens and earn interest. You can also get perks exclusive to $BTL holders, like the ability to participate in Bitlocus organized IEO sales (TBA) and more.

These are only the current BTL token utilities. In the future, we plan to provide Bitlocus token holders with more possibilities to utilize their tokens.

$BTL Staking and Loyalty Program

Few of the ways the $BTL token provides utility to its holders — staking and the Bitlocus Loyalty Program.

Bitlocus Token Staking is a way to utilize your $BTL tokens and earn interest in the process. We launch various staking events which last 30 to 90 days and allow $BTL token holders to earn interest rates of up to 60% on their staked $BTL tokens.

The Bitlocus Loyalty Program is a system that provides $BTL holders with extended benefits. The amount of $BTL tokens in the user’s portfolio determines their account level. Depending on the account level, the user can increase the interest rates on their investments.

There are 4 account levels in the Bitlocus Loyalty Program — Base, Silver, Golden, and Platinum. Every account level requires a different amount of BTL tokens to be held or staked on your account. Here’s the basic overview:

The $BTL token is a multichain token, meaning it operates on multiple blockchains. Currently, $BTL is available on Terra Classic (Standard CW20) and Binance Smart Chain (Standard BEP20).

Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain, a blockchain created in 2019 by Binance, is running in parallel to the Binance Chain. However, unlike the Binance Chain, it is fully EVM-compatible and introduces smart contracts to the ecosystem allowing to run a variety of Ethereum tools and DApps on it.

Terra Classic Chain

Terra is an open-source blockchain protocol constructed by a suite of decentralized stablecoins and is bringing DeFi technologies to the public.

The Bitlocus ecosystem is empowered by the $BTL token — the native utility cryptocurrency of the ecosystem. It also adds additional utility and perks for the $BTL holders — we care about our own.

Earn better interest and staking rates with $BTL tokens in your portfolio!

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