How to Stake Bitlocus Tokens ($BTL) on Bitlocus


Last Updated: December 15, 2022

How to Stake Bitlocus Tokens ($BTL) on Bitlocus

Starting this week, you can use the Bitlocus platform to stake your $BTL tokens and earn exclusive rewards. For those of you who haven’t already started staking, we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide to explain the process. Follow this tutorial and learn how to earn up to 27.11% APY on your BTL tokens.

1. Log in

Before you start staking, you have to log into the Bitlocus platform at

2. Deposit

Once you log into Bitlocus platform, you’ll be taken to the Balances Tab. Here you are able to deposit your BTL tokens by clicking the ‘Deposit’ button.

A new menu will pop up and you’ll be able to select the asset you want to deposit (In our case it’s BTL) and the transfer method. After successfully selecting both the asset and the method, our system will provide the deposit address to which you have to send your tokens.

Before depositing your tokens, make sure they are on the same network.

3. Stake

Now that your BTL tokens are in your Bitlocus portfolio, you’re ready to put them to work on our platform.

Following our previous steps, click on the ‘My Portfolio’ Tab and a new section will load. Here you’ll have to click on the ‘Stake’ button and you will be taken to the ‘Staking’ menu.

When the menu opens, select the first option and once again press the ‘Stake’ button.

A new menu will pop up on your screen, asking you to select the currency you want to invest in. Select BTL and continue by pressing ‘Proceed’.

Your next step is to select how many tokens you want to invest in. Pick the amount you want to stake and once again press ‘Proceed’.

Lastly, select the lock-up period and you’re ready to ‘Submit for Staking’.

Remember, longer staking periods provide higher APY on your investments. That means, the longer you stake your $BTL tokens, the more $BTL you’ll earn back.

After completing all these steps, you’ll receive a ‘Request submitted successfully’ message with a link to your order status.

4. Review

Now that you submitted your order, you can click on the ‘View order status’ link and head back to your portfolio. Here you'll find the tokens that are currently staked, how much they earned and additional information.

5. Relax and watch your tokens work

You’re all done! These are all the steps it takes to stake your BTL on the Bitlocus platform.