Q2 Recap of Bitlocus - Results, Future, and More


Last Updated: November 7, 2022

Q2 Recap of Bitlocus - Results, Future, and More

Second-quarter reached the ending and we would like to share what results we achieved in this time. 

Terra crash

It is impossible to avoid mentioning the unfortunate developments for UST, LUNA, Terra, and the overall market when discussing Q2 in general. The necessary steps to be independent and future-proof have always been taken by Bitlocus. The Bitlocus ecosystem, its products, and its native token BTL are cross-chained. We can work with any blockchain and will only use the ones that best meet the needs of our business. Additionally, we've discovered ways to assist our platform users who made investments in Anchor.

New launches


We are thrilled to introduce our new cryptocurrency lending offering. We selected the Venus Protocol, a fast, low-cost, decentralized platform, and our users can now quickly deposit and select an investment option using FIAT, just like with other Bitlocus products.

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Single asset staking

In addition, we launched BTL single asset staking on our platform. Owners of Bitlocus tokens have the option to stake their tokens for 3, 6, or 12 months, with the length of time chosen affecting the yield.

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Account levels

A relevant token utility implementation comes with the launch of account levels. When investing in DeFi products, all of our users who have a certain number of Bitlocus tokens can receive higher returns. Users can upgrade to the platinum, gold, or silver level.

Visa debit cards

We had many discussions with potential partners this quarter, and we're pleased to have chosen the one who comprehends our users' needs the best. The launch will happen later this year because we're not content with the standard features, and it took longer than anticipated to negotiate and develop the best option.

New trading pair on Bitlocus Exchange - DAI/EUR

We added a new trading pair on our exchange - users now are available to buy DAI Token for Euro.

General project development

There is other relevant news related to general project development that is worth mentioning.

New B2B clients

We are pleased that the B2B market recognizes the value of our services. We have signed several contracts over the past few months, and we'll make these collaborations public as soon as we can.


We now have almost all of the core positions covered thanks to the recent addition of several senior team members. We are flexible and extremely capable. A number of highly motivated community managers for our global channels have also joined the team.


From the marketing perspective, we had quite a busy period as well. We tweaked our brand book and facelifted our website, to create a better user experience for our community. The recent AMA event was very timely and addressed all concerns of our community members. You can check the AMA video here.

Our freshly formed blog will concentrate on relevant DeFi and cryptocurrency investment topics and act as a knowledge base on how to take advantage of our products.

Also, we made a partnership with the exciting staking activities - Tokens Games. The results of these games were more than surprising:

◽️ Goal 1 was reached three days after the start.

◽️ After one week, the community staked more than 2M of $BTL Tokens, which means Goal 2 was bypassed faster than we expected. 

◽️ And another week for reaching the maximum goal - 3M $BTL Tokens staked!

Moreover, we shook hands with ROCKIT, home of FinTech and sustainable innovation, to deliver the technical implementation behind the NFT, that is created to support Ukraine in these painful times. “The Nightingale of Freedom” is an artwork by Agnė Kišonaitė in collab with more than 400 children from all over Lithuania. All money raised will be donated to the #IAmUkraine fund, which supplies humanitarian aid and life-saving supplies for Ukrainian heroes defending our freedom. You can donate & receive NFT here.

And last, but not least, we had our project or products covered by Tier 1 media and various influencers.

What future will bring to us?

After accomplishing so much, we are eager to get to work and see what the third quarter will bring. DeFi packages, farming products, and Visa debit cards will all be introduced this year. We are also exploring opportunities within NFT and Metaverse.