Staking ETH on Bitlocus: a Step-by-Step Tutorial


Last Updated: December 19, 2022

Staking ETH on Bitlocus: a Step-by-Step Tutorial

Bitlocus has complemented staking product portfolio with liquid ETH staking option. Follow these simple steps to learn how to stake and unstake fiat or ETH.

How to stake ETH?

1. Log into your Bitlocus account.

2. Deposit your account, if needed. 

Once you log into Bitlocus platform, head to the Balances tab. Here you can deposit your account with EUR or ETH by clicking the Deposit button.

In a new menu pop up you can select the asset you want to deposit, and the transfer method. If you want to deposit Euros, select SEPA or SWIFT and follow further instructions. For ETH, copy the deposit address.

3. Select staking currency.

When you have funds in your Bitlocus account, head to the Staking tab, find ETH option, and click Stake. A new menu will pop up on the screen asking you to select the staking currency. Select EUR or ETH, depending on what you have in your balance. In this tutorial, we will continue with EUR.

4. Select the amount to stake.

In the pop up menu, select the percentage of how much of your funds you want to stake. You can start with as little as 10 EUR!

5. Confirm exchange.

Exchange your Euros to ETH in one click. Please note that the final amount of ETH you will receive is subject to exchange rate fluctuations.

6. Submit for staking.

Agree with the Terms & Conditions by ticking the box and click Submit for staking.

That’s it! If you choose to stake ETH, not Euros, you’ll skip the exchange step. Otherwise, the process is the same.

How to unstake ETH?

1. Log into your Bitlocus account.

2. Unstake.

Go to DeFi Marketplace, then find the Staking tab. Click Unstake in the Actions column and ETH staking line.

3. Select the amount to unstake.

From the pop up menu, select the amount you want to unstake. You don’t necessarily have to unstake all your funds at once.

4. Confirm exchange.

If your starting currency was Euros, you would have to confirm the exchange when you unstake. Please note that the amount of EUR you finally receive depends on exchange rate fluctuations. If your starting currency was ETH, you won’t have to perform this step.

5. Submit for unstaking.

When you click Submit for unstaking, we’ll start processing your order and it will take up to 24 hours until you receive the funds to your Bitlocus account.