The Monthly Recap of Bitlocus - July

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Last Updated: November 7, 2022

The Monthly Recap of Bitlocus - July

August has officially started! Wow, these two months flew by so quickly. While the summer rhythm in the cryptocurrency world was pretty slow for obvious reasons, Bitlocus still have highlights to share with the community.

Let’s recap everything we have done in the last month.

Bitlocus x ROCKIT Partnership

Bitlocus started the month by shooking hands with the home of fintech and sustainable innovation - ROCKIT. Our developers delivered the technical implementation behind the Agnė Kišonaitė artwork “The Nightingale of Freedom”. The artist collaborated with 400 children from all over Lithuania to create awareness of what is happening in Ukrainian. Important to mention that all the money raised from NFT is donated to the #IAmUkraine fund, which supplies humanitarian aid and life-saving supplies for Ukrainian heroes defending all of Europe’s freedom.

Donate & Receive NFT here

Bitlocus launched a new lending pool: Venus - USDC

Besides the DAI pool, we’ve added an extra asset to lend: USDC. Users can earn decent annual interest per year and get the rewards 100% in USDC tokens.

We just want to remind you that Bitlocus partnered with Venus Protocol - a fast, low-cost, decentralized lending platform - to deliver the best experience for our users.

Tokens Games has officially ended!

Our collaboration with Tokens Games was more successful than we expected - all tokens were staked two weeks before the finishing the lock-up period.

A short rewind of Tokens Games:

◽️ Goal 1 was reached three days after the start.

◽️ After one week, the community staked more than 2M of BTL tokens, which means Goal 2 was bypassed faster than we expected. 

◽️ The maximum goal was reached after the two weeks of Tokens Games start - 3M BTL tokens staked!

As promised, participants shared the 6K USDT prize pool after the the lock-up period and more than 50 mystery boxes with exclusive prizes were unlocked within two weeks.

Bitlocus x MRHB.Network Partnership

The Marahaba’s native token MRHB DeFi was listed on the Bitlocus exchange. We are happy to share that we partnered with a unique DeFi project that aims to establish an ethical and sustainable financial system for different cultures and faiths.

MRHB.Network was created primarily to help the communities that were previously excluded from cryptocurrencies, such as the 1.8 billion Muslims in the world, who represent a $3 trillion financial industry. In our opinion, The MRHB Network is one of the few DeFi projects with a meaningful purpose.

The MRHB DeFi token is available for trading on our exchange

What's being worked on?

So, we reviewed what happened in July, but now let’s take a look at what the Bitlocus team is working on right now?

The main focus is on developing the new product feature; farming. Be patient, we will announce more updates soon.

Moreover, our marketing team is focused on creating the explanatory video and the article about Bitlocus's actions during the bear market and the steps to this kind of time. The video will be LIVE this week, keep your eyes peeled.

These are the main highlights of July. Now, we are going back to work - we can’t wait to share the new Bitlocus features with our community. Keep up to date, have sunny last days of the summer and happy investing!