Why Invest Through Bitlocus? Benefits Explained


Last Updated: November 7, 2022

Why Invest Through Bitlocus? Benefits Explained

The Bitlocus platform is finally here! Our goal is to allow people to benefit from cryptocurrency and decentralized finance without going through all the headache of getting a crypto wallet, finding the right investment fund, and worrying about safety.

It was perfectly tailored for people who don’t have in-depth knowledge of crypto but want to invest somewhere else than in a traditional bank savings account. Not sure if it’s for you? Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits.

1. Easy To Use

Normally, if you’d want to start investing in crypto, your journey would look like this:

  • First, you’d have to create an account on an exchange platform and pass user identification.
  • Afterward, you would need to deposit Euros to your account and buy cryptocurrency.
  • After this, you’ll have to swap the cryptocurrency you just bought for the one you want to invest in.
  • Then, you’d transfer the funds into your crypto wallet, which you’d first have to create.
  • Once you’ve gone through all that, you’d need to do some research to find an investment fund that’s most suitable for you.
  • And only then you’d reach the final step — sending funds from your digital wallet to the investment fund to start earning interest.

When you’ll want to withdraw your funds, you will have to go through a similarly tedious process — transfer the funds from the investment fund into your crypto wallet. Then, move the money from the wallet into an exchange platform, where you’d need to sell the digital currency for Euros. And only then, you could withdraw the money into your bank account.

You can agree that it’s quite a long and tiresome process to go through. And, don’t forget that be paying fees every step of the way, since every time your funds move, you pay a transaction fee.

The Bitlocus platform compresses this whole process into 3 simple steps — you deposit the amount of money you want to invest in Euros, which is automatically converted into crypto.

Then you choose where you want to invest and wait for your investment to generate interest rates. And the last step is withdrawal.

The only fee you’d be paying is the withdrawal fee which you’ll only have to pay when you want to withdraw the money from Bitlocus back to your bank account.

2. Good Interest Rates

You’ll find a thoroughly selected list of the best crypto investment funds out there. You’ll be able to choose from investment options that offer an interest rate usually higher than the ones that banks have to offer.

The average interest rate in most banks is 0,06 % which isn’t enough to cover basic inflation rates.

The Bitlocus platform is an alternative to traditional savings and investment accounts — you can take advantage of decentralized finance and enjoy crypto interest rates instead of traditional ones.

3. Mitigated Risk

The Bitlocus platform is meant to mitigate risk. Don’t stress about safety and procedures because we make sure no errors happen when you’re participating in decentralized finance investing through Bitlocus.

We’ve implemented an insurance policy and have put a $30 million fund of insurance for the custodial part of investments in action.

Our team members are carefully and constantly screening the investment funds. We’ve also brought third-party security firms to review the platform and make sure the code doesn’t have any flaws.

4. A Single Platform

Everything is in one place. You don’t need to go hunting for the best investment options, exchange platforms, or digital wallets. By using the Bitlocus platform you get away from all of this headache since you eliminate the need for all of the other platforms you’d usually need.

Bitlocus has acquired a thorough selection of the best crypto investment options there are. And we’re actively looking for more.

And, if you invest in multiple funds, you wouldn’t need to hop from page to page to find out how they’re doing.

On the Bitlocus platform, you’ll be able to access multiple investment funds you’ve participated in on one page.

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