Bridging BTL tokens across Terra, Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum blockchains

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Last Updated: November 7, 2022

Bridging BTL tokens across Terra, Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum blockchains

Unlocking the Portal: A Guide to Bridging BTL Tokens Across Terra, BSC, and Ethereum

In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the seamless process of leveraging the Portalbridge platform to bridge your BTL tokens across the Terra, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Ethereum blockchains. Let's dive in!


Ensure you have a TerraStation Wallet. Ensure you have Metamask (or any BEP20 and ERC20-compatible wallet). Employ Chromium-based browsers like Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, with the TerraStation extension installed.

How to Use Wormhole Bridge:

  1. Preparing Your Wallets:

    • Add BTL tokens to your TerraStation (CW20), Metamask (ERC20, BEP20).
    • Pre-fill your wallets with the following assets for gas fees:
      • Terra blockchain (CW20) – LUNA
      • Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) – BNB
      • Ethereum blockchain (ERC20) – ETH
  2. Accessing

    • Go to
    • In this example, let's make a BTL token bridge transfer from Terra to BSC.
    • Choose Terra Blockchain as the "Source" and Binance Smart Chain as the "Target" from the drop-down list.
  3. Selecting BTL Token:

  4. Initiating the Bridge:

    • Your BTL (CW20) tokens will appear; input the desired amount and click "Next."
  5. Connecting Your Wallet:

    • Connect your Binance Smart Chain wallet (Metamask).
    • Click "Connect" and log in to your Metamask account.
  6. Confirming the Transaction:

    • Check your transaction details and click "Next."
    • Initiate the transfer by clicking "Transfer" and then "Confirm."
  7. Confirming in TerraStation:

    • The bridge will prompt you to confirm the transaction in your TerraStation wallet.
    • Enter your password and confirm for broadcasting to the network.
  8. Redeeming the Tokens:

    • After confirmation, click "Redeem."
  9. Confirming Redemption in Metamask:

    • A pop-up in your Metamask wallet will appear to confirm the redemption.
    • Click "Confirm."
  10. Final Confirmation on BSC:

    • Wait for the transaction to be confirmed on Binance Smart Chain, and you'll see the confirmation window afterward.

Congratulations! You've successfully bridged your BTL tokens between Terra and BSC. Seamless interoperability is at your fingertips! It's worth noting that you can achieve the same smooth bridge between Terra, BSC, and Ethereum with equal ease.

So, what's next? Head on over to the Bitlocus exchange and stake your tokens for extra rewards of course! You can find a tutorial on how to do that here.